Photo Narrative

Posted in Photo by Photo Enthusiast on November 2, 2010

Photo Narrative

Digital Photo Manipulation – Is it art?

Digital photo manipulation for artistic creation has its own history, reaching well into the early life of photography. Long before the development of digital media and the resulting computer hardware and software, the ease of manipulation and the depth reached by Politics and art, artists turned their images physically transformed by simple collage. The American photographers Allen Dutton in the 1960s and 70s created fascinating photographic collages fragmented. Dutton as a rule of the collages 'found' photographs, and truncated form of intervention with a landscape form and then photographed to produce evidence to remove the collage that he exploited. Digitally manipulated photo works such as site "Plausible Humbuggery of perspective" and Human body parts in unusual arrangements, put 'Who has been bluntly told sculpture' in rural and urban landscapes. Dutton work could serve as a transitional arrangement, as a former physical shape of a hand made Photoshop – in the final state represented as a single image. A single image, even in his Source of collaged photographic fragments created – more cut off, filtered, scaled, compiled, and then reassembled into a single unit.

Wallace Berman, another artist of the time, that practice until his tragic death in 1976, was also manipulate photographic images of popular culture, art. Berman cleaned up using ads from the mass culture of the time, and then photographed the compiled manipulated photographs. His work often represent the aesthetics of popular culture, around him in politics and art, but when recompiled as a collage, these presentations often occur as part of the morality of the time, with the resulting consequences the authorities, though the pictures were just "manipulation, and seemed so random."

Even with the use of photographic images in his art Collage practice is Richard Prince. Prince is known for his powerful advertising images, including the unmistakable American Wild West Cowboy cult images that their names from the brand power that they represent the way the Marlbaro Man, which, ironically, on a fallacy that the American cowboy is based and has been predominantly ethnic Mexicans. Prince's work over the years in the creation of various committees appropriated out photo-manipulation in the political art, that provoke the accepted reality the first pictures. His early image manipulation such as the Nurses series involved the use of approved mass-produced book covers, collage with them to find other images from girlie magazines to create a new individual reality of the recognized "Mills and Boon 'version of love and romance, to imply a story of lust and Lust. Prince re-photographed the collaged images, with their ambiguous narrative, and the resulting image printed on canvas as a popular culture art. He then sets as too liberal coats of paint, applied with a gestural expressionist apply procedures, including patches and lard bread.

The Quiet World – Narrative Photo-Montage

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